Gilles Ketting


I'm a Concept Artist and Illustrator for the Game and Film Industry since 2005. I've had the pleasure to contribute to some of the greatest games of the last and coming years. I've worked on-site at many studios but I've also provided art from my studio in Brighton. I've got a passion for developing new worlds and characters, recently I've made the step towards Art Direction and IP development.

Born and bred in the Netherlands, I currently reside in Brighton, UK. I'm a proper video game nut and I love old samurai films. When I'm not sketching or painting I like to make electronic music. Like most Dutch people I tend to drown my food in mayonaise and cycle everywhere.

Please feel free to inquire about my availability for freelance and contract work.
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- Total War Battles: Kingdom
- Total War: Arena
- Assassins Creed; Revelations
- Tom Clancy's; The Division
- Overlord 1 & 2
- CRS 2 Racing
- Saints Row
- X3; Reunion
- Empire; a strategy deck building game
- Maelstrom
- Gears of War


- Sony
- Disney
- Zynga
- Fluid
- Travian
- Naturalmotion
- Crazy Monkey Games
- Rare
- Paper Seven
- Bithell Games
- Ubisoft