Emperors - The finished ones

Remember those sketches from last week? Well, I finally got permission to show the finals. They're going into the update for Empire, a deck building strategy game on IOS and Android. They where quite a rush job because I only had about a week to do these... It was a lot of fun to do though!
Just to be clear, this was done before I started working at C.A. I only just now got permission to show them.

Medieval Sketches and a New Job!

From the beginning of August I will start as a full-time illustrator at the home of the Total War series, Creative Assembly. I'm really excited and honored to be joining them.
These sketches have nothing to do with my new job but I had them laying around and figured I should post them. The top two environments were speedpaints done to come up with a mood and setting for a more detailed illustration, though I never got the time to do that.

Substrata - Three Heads

 I've been very keen on contributing some work to Substrata (if you don't know it, google it) and I figured I would spend a night sculpting in Sculptris to hone my terrible 3D sculpting skills. Thanks to the Keyshot renderer they actually don't look too bad. And most importantly, I had a lot of fun with this. After the jump you can have a look at the models with a more realistic render.

Value Sketches

Sketches to practice values. Mainly done during lunchbreaks and a bit after work over the last two days. It was fun and I'm thinking about doing more of them.

Killzone Inspired Sketches

Whenever I do character speedpaints I often end up with a bunch of Helghasts. For some reason the character designs from Killzone stick with me. Must be those glowing eyes or it's just a part of Dutch pride. Anyway, I thought it was time to do some proper Killzone inspired sketches to get it out of my system.
I went for a desert setting with these ones, mainly since it hasn't been featured in the games yet. However, I did want them to be more heavily armored, so I guess they're sporting climate-control in those suits. The desert setting kinda went out of the window along the line although some features may be reminiscent of it. I really enjoyed doing these and I think I might do a couple more in the near future. Of course this is by no means a job application...(or is it?!)

Re-taking the base - Lunchtime/After work w.i.p.

Heya, As all of my belongings are in boxes I have to do my painting at work. They have a bit of a backward internet security issue that currently prevents me from uploading images from my computer. Therefore I took some pictures with my phone. I'm working in black and white and I will add some color later. The first image is where I was after an hour of work.
The main idea is that she's trying to re-take the base she and her team fought hard to defend (but failed). This time she's being a little more stealthy.